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Motorcycle Learners Permit Courses

Important Information for All Prospective Motorcycle Learners Permit Students:

  • The new Motorcycle Graduated Licensing System (M-GLS) will come into effect on 19 March 2016.

  • All motorcycle training courses at Armstrongs under the current system will cease as at COB on 16 March 2016.  No motorcycle training courses will take place on 17 & 18 March 2016 whilst VicRoads prepares the Armstrongs motorcycle training range for the delivery of new M-GLS.

  • Armstrongs will resume Learners Permit courses, Check Rides, and License Courses on 19 March 2016.

  • Click here for more information and course fees regarding Armstrongs new motorcycle courses commencing on 19 March 2016 under the new M-GLS.

  • Until the new M-GLS comes into effect on 19 March 2016, prospective motorcycle students can continue to undertake motorcycle learners permit and motorcycle licence training courses under the current system in accordance with the information and course costs displayed below.

What you will need to be eligible to do the course

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • A current Victorian Driver Licence card or Car Learner Permit card; brought with you on the day of the course. If you don't hold a current Victorian Driver's Licence, please contact VicRoads to ensure you complete any necessary theory testing/conversions before the course.
  • Obtain a Victorian Rider Handbook and study before the course, this can be purchased from Armstrongs' office or downloaded via the VicRoads link or website.
  • Wear appropriate protective clothing, including long sleeves/pants and fully enclosed shoes, either boots or runners.

What you will learn throughout the course

  • Vital knowledge of motorcycle/scooter components and their use;
  • Essentials of moving, turning and stopping the motorcycle/scooter;
  • Critical skills for hazard avoidance including emergency braking and counter steering;
  • Cornering techniques and the importance of advanced observation, cornering lines and throttle control;
  • Theory principles relating to safe road riding (road craft and defensive riding techniques);

All training is conducted prior to any testing, maximising the training benefits to aid in the successful completion of the learner's permit course.

Armstrongs' VicRoads accreditation means you don't need to go anywhere else. Successfully complete the licence testing and receive your Motorcycle Learner's Permit on the day to Free Your Inner Rider!

What's Included In Your Course Fee

There are no hidden training costs at Armstrongs. Here's what your course fee gets you:

  • Two Attempts to Pass Your Riding Assessment 
    Assessments can be stressful and nerves can sometimes cause students to make simple riding errors. That's why all Armstrongs motorcycle courses include an additional re-test.* That means you'll have two attempts during your course to pass your riding assessment at no additional cost!
  • An Additional One Hour Rider Training
    This is the Armstrongs Training Guarantee. If Armstrongs is unsuccessful in getting you to Learners Permit or License standard, or you are unsuccessful on your two attempts to pass your riding assessment during your course, then we'll give you an additional one hour
     of training and an additional two retests at no additional cost!
*Where a student requires a fifth retest or more, the fifth retest and any subsequent retest will be charged at $92.00 per retest which includes 1 hour of training.
†Where a student requires a second hour or more, the second hour and any subsequent hour of training will be charged at the 'Private Lessons 1 Hour Training Session (No Test)' rate shown in Course Fees. 

Course Fees

Group Courses Weekday Weekend
9 Hour (Limited or No Riding Experience) $285* $310*
4 Hour (Riding Experience) $225* - Best Value! $275*
Private Lessons Rates
1 Hour Training Session (No Test) $92  
2 Hour Training Session & Test $275  
*The VicRoads Learners Permit issue fee of $23.10 is included in the course fee. The Learners Permit fee is collected by Armstrongs on behalf of VicRoads. Upon successful completion of the course Armstrongs will issue a paper Learners Permit receipt which is to be used as evidence of holding a valid Victorian Motorcycle Learners Permit. VicRoads will mail out a plastic Learners Permit which may take up to 6 weeks.

If you have any questions, please call us on 03 9464 6464 or