Monthly Archives: July 2015

Why “Getting Your Licence” Doesn’t Mean That “You Can Drive”

Here at Armstrongs, we are well aware of the type of training services we deliver and we don’t try to pull wool over our client’s eyes that it is anything else. Read More

Why You Won’t Be Able To Get Your Motorcycle Learners Permit In Less Than One Day Very Soon

For those of you out there who are thinking about getting a motorcycle learners permit, sooner might be better than later! Read More

How To Get Your Heavy Rigid Licence In Less Than a Minute

heavy-rigid-licenceDid you know that Australia’s road freight sector is forecast to grow by a massive 75% over the next 20 years? That means thousands of new truck and bus drivers will be needed nationally to keep up with Australia’s increasing freight needs. Read More

Heavy Vehicle Group Training Courses – More Money for Us or More Value For You?

There has been some negative rumblings about the merits of heavy vehicle group training for some time now and that it is nothing more than a way of training providers making more money from their courses by simply putting more people in them. Ouch! Read More

Big Changes on the Horizon for New Motorcycle Riders

Whilst the road toll amongst car drivers has decreased over recent years, unfortunately the road toll has not dropped by the same extent amongst motorcyclists. This has resulted in VicRoads taking a long and hard look at how motorcycle learners permit and motorcycle license training and assessment is currently being delivered by its accredited providers (such as Armstrongs). Read More