Monthly Archives: August 2015

The Top 7 Test Time Tips for Getting Your Heavy Vehicle Licence

He’s some things to remember about taking your driving test that have caught a lot of our clients off-guard. If you remember these things you’ll be in a much better head space when taking your driving test. Read More

The 5 Steps to Getting Your Heavy Vehicle Licence

So, you’ve decided to a get a heavy vehicle but you’re a little worried and nervous about what the training and testing involves. You’ve never even sat in truck, let alone driven one! Well, that’s just fine because the overwhelming majority of Armstrongs clients are just like you. Everyone has to start somewhere. Read More

Auto? Synchro? Non-Synchro? Before You Decide Here’s a Couple of Things You Need To Know!

Ok, so you want to get your truck licence. You’re looking to make a change and you’ve seen that there are quite a few jobs going in the transport industry. Or you may have already been offered a job on the proviso you get your truck licence. You’ve done a bit of research, asked some questions, and you need a Heavy Rigid licence. Sorted – well nearly. Read More

Now That You Have Your Heavy Vehicle Licence, You’re Ready to be a Bus Driver Right? Think Again!

During the many, many, many…(you get the point) hours that Armstrongs instructors get to spend with their clients during a heavy vehicle training course, they inevitably get around to asking their clients what they intend to do once they get their license. “Drive a bus” our instructors are regularly told. Read More