Monthly Archives: September 2015

Thinking of Becoming a Bus Driver? Warning, Warning, Driver Evaluation Ahead!

Picture this if you will – The Armstrongs team has just issued you with your Heavy Rigid Certificate of Competency and you’re on your way to VicRoads to have it exchanged for your brand new Heavy Vehicle Licence. Basking in the glory of having passed your driving assessment with flying colours and giving yourself the odd pat on the back, it suddenly dawns on you – ‘what am I actually going to do with this licence?’ Read More

Forklift Training 101 – Buyer Beware: When “Less” Is Actually “More”

Here we go again, banging on the same drum as to why Armstrongs forklift course are in some cases a whole day longer than any of the course offered by our competition. So how do we justify the extra time and the extra cost? Read More

The 5 Question You MUST Ask Before Booking A Heavy Vehicle Training Course

On the basis that anyone thinking about getting any type heavy vehicle licence actually wants to learn to something whilst they undertake their training, there are five questions that you need to ask each of the training providers you are considering signing up with (which of course includes Armstrongs right?). Read More

Mission (Mostly) Impossible – HR to MC

At Armstrongs we get a lot of inquiries from current HR licence holders about how they can get their MC licence. Although the jump from HR to MC is legally permitted, this is not something that Armstrongs supports or recommends. While most give us the opportunity to explain why, some are adamant that it’s a conspiracy designed by Armstrongs to get more money out them by making them do more training. Read More