Monthly Archives: November 2015

When Is A Truck Driver Not Just A Truck Driver?

Around this time of year, it’s a great time to have a heavy vehicle licence in your pocket and a year or so of experience up your sleeve.  As the nation’s wind-up for the Christmas season goes up a gear, the demand for drivers starts to get desperate.  Good for drivers. Read More

What Type of Heavy Vehicle Course is Best – Group Training Courses or 1:1?

There has been some negative rumblings about the merits of heavy vehicle group training for some time now. Critics (basically other providers who don’t offer group training) say that group training courses are nothing more than a way of training providers making more money from their courses by simply putting more people in them.  Ouch! Read More

If You Won’t Invest In Good Bus Training, Then Why Should Bus Companies Invest In You?

So you want to be bus driver – good decision. You’ve already obtained your MR or HR licence but you’re wondering why you need ‘bus’ training when you actually already have a licence to ‘drive’ a bus?  Good question. Read More