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You’re Lucky You Don’t Want To Get Your Licence In The USA – Or Are You?

A little while ago Armstrongs met with one of the largest heavy vehicle training organisations in the US – if memory serves us correctly, give or take, they had about fifteen training locations scattered around the country and had about a four hundred’ish strong fleet of training vehicles. Read More

Would You Hire Someone Who Only Had 3 Hours Experience? Of Course You Wouldn’t!

Q: So why then are there so many heavy vehicle licence courses which only include about 3 hours of behind-the wheel-training ? Read More

Getting A Forklift Licence : A Heads-Up From Those Who learnt The Hard Way

Forklift licensing and heavy vehicle licensing share a fair bit in common you know? Forklifts and trucks don’t look like each other you’re right, but we’re actually talking about the similarities between people who want a forklift licence or a heavy vehicle licence. Read More

Let The ‘Value’ War Begin!

Now that the sun has faded on motorcycle short courses and Stage 2 of the M-GLS quietly commences (yes, quietly because every man and his dog got their learners or licence pre-March 19 and now there is comparatively little demand for motorcycle training and assessment), what does the new motorcycle training and assessment landscape look like? Read More

Old Habits Die Hard – “Bye Bye” to the Old System and “Hello” to the new M-GLS!

Let’s get one thing straight. Come March 19 the sun will still shine and everyone wanting to ride a motorcycle (at least legally!) won’t be put off by the new M-GLS.  If you managed to get your motorcycle learners permit or licence under the current system then you might have done so specifically to avoid having to do any training or testing under the new M-GLS. Read More

Driver Training Awards Which Driver Training Companies Can’t Win

Nominations for the trucking industry’s 2016 National Training Excellence Award in Driver Training have opened. The purpose of the award is to recognise businesses and programs that demonstrate a specific focus on driver training. Read More

3 Things Future Riders Need To Know Come March 19

In typical Armstrongs fashion, we have been out there on the front foot promoting the incoming new Motorcycle Graduated Licensing System (M-GLS) all over the place, and boy, have there been some mixed reactions! Read More

When is a 1 Day Course Really a 3.5 Hour Course?

Consider this hypothetical if you will. Read More

New M-GLS To Put All Training Providers On The Same Playing Field

As at 19 March 2016 all VicRoads Accredited Motorcycle Training and Assessment Providers will be required to deliver motorcycle learners permit and license training in a standardised format in accordance with the new Motorcycle Graduated Licensing System (M-GLS) training and assessment requirements. Read More

Better Drivers in 2016? – The Power Is With Industry NOT The Regulator

The New Year is upon us. All the best to everyone out there and we wish all our clients happy and safe driving. Read More