Monthly Archives: March 2016

Let The ‘Value’ War Begin!

Now that the sun has faded on motorcycle short courses and Stage 2 of the M-GLS quietly commences (yes, quietly because every man and his dog got their learners or licence pre-March 19 and now there is comparatively little demand for motorcycle training and assessment), what does the new motorcycle training and assessment landscape look like? Read More

Old Habits Die Hard – “Bye Bye” to the Old System and “Hello” to the new M-GLS!

Let’s get one thing straight. Come March 19 the sun will still shine and everyone wanting to ride a motorcycle (at least legally!) won’t be put off by the new M-GLS.  If you managed to get your motorcycle learners permit or licence under the current system then you might have done so specifically to avoid having to do any training or testing under the new M-GLS. Read More