Old Habits Die Hard – “Bye Bye” to the Old System and “Hello” to the new M-GLS!

Let’s get one thing straight. Come March 19 the sun will still shine and everyone wanting to ride a motorcycle (at least legally!) won’t be put off by the new M-GLS.  If you managed to get your motorcycle learners permit or licence under the current system then you might have done so specifically to avoid having to do any training or testing under the new M-GLS.

Why though? What was it exactly that you were trying to avoid?  Additional cost – sure, that’s a real reason and the cost of living in general is so high, so why not avoid paying extra when you can.  What else?  Hmmm, well that’s what we kept asking people and they couldn’t really put their finger on it except to say that a few new riders and want-to-be riders somehow were of the humble opinion that they shouldn’t have to do it because they could already ride a bike and had had a car licence for years and knew the road rules – so they were above the rest of us so to speak, the new M-GLS unfairly questions their (subjective) motorcycle riding awesomeness.  Oh, and as for some of the conspiracy theories that we came across – two words, CRAY ZEE! 

So basically, Armstrongs was the brunt of a bit of flak regarding the increase in price which we weren’t all that happy about because:

  1. we didn’t come up with the new M-GLS structure, nor did we have any input whatsoever into the M-GLS
  2. as a VicRoads accredited provider we are contractually obligated to deliver whatever training and assessment regime the state regulator (that is, VicRoads) decides to implement
  3.  the new M-GLS will cost providers more to deliver and take longer to deliver which will result in a higher course cost – that just basic Economic 101 and you don’t have to be a brain surgeon to follow that logic.

But ‘buyer beware’ as it is wrong to confuse ‘cost’ with ‘value’. Much of the criticism directed at the M-GLS (we are going to be nice and say that when people were criticising Armstrongs new prices, they were really criticising the cost to deliver the M-GLS right????) was at the learners permit level as this is where one of the biggest changes was.  We were getting comments like “I’m not paying over $500 for a learners permit!”  At which point we politely reminded such people that you don’t actually ‘buy’ and learners permit because that would be illegal.  So what they really meant is “I’m not paying for two days training!”  This is where we find ourselves back at that point called ‘subjective motorcycle riding awesomeness’

This type of attitude is of course not new. So if ‘motorcycle riding awesomeness’ is so common then why are newly minted learners permit riders and first year licence holders over-represented in the crash stats?  Wouldn’t  a widespread outbreak of motorcycle riding awesomeness mean that newly minted learners permit riders and first year licence holders are hardly present in the crash stats?

VicRoads didn’t just suddenly decide one morning that it was going to totally change the way motorcycle training and testing is delivered by its providers because it was working perfectly. C’mon!  Let’s all wake up and smell the roses!

We reckon that anyone who actually bothers to take the time to find out a bit more about the in-coming M-GLS will be pleasantly surprised as to the comprehensive approach (the boring bit) and the fun that can be had (the…well…fun bit!) – at least if you come and do your learners, check ride, or licence at Armstrongs on our brand new Z300’s!!!! Did we mention that????  That is one sweet LAMS approved bike to do your learners, check ride or licence on (we digress).


You can now find all you need to know about the new 2 Day Learners Permit course, Check Rides, and Licence Assessments on our website. Be one of the first to train under the new system.  What have you got to lose?  Who knows, you may even come out a better rider because you spent more time training in a real world environment.  Who would’ve guessed?

Take a look at the new courses and then give us a call!