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Demand for motivated and skilled heavy vehicle drivers & forklift operators has never been higher. Create your online CV and search for real job opportunities exclusive to the Armstrongs graduate community.

Armstrongs’ new and innovative Career Central platform is setting new standards in the heavy vehicle & forklift licence training industry by directly connecting Armstrongs licensing graduates with employers in the industry.

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What Is Career Central?

Armstrongs Career Central is a powerful yet simple way for Armstrongs’ past, present, and future graduates to view and apply for heavy vehicle driving and forklift operator employment opportunities.

  • Career Central is a digital market place for the exclusive use of the Armstrongs licenced graduate community through which graduates and employers can come together and connect to meet their employment needs
  • Career Central is a fully automated platform, integrated with Armstrongs’ Student Management System
  • Armstrongs’ heavy vehicle and forklift graduates can upload their CV, search, view, receive alerts, and apply for driving and operator jobs advertised within the system
  • Employers can upload company profiles, post/advertise driving and operator job positions, search graduate profiles, view graduate resumes, and directly contact and communicate with suitable graduates
  • So whether you’re an Armstrongs graduate with a lot of experience, some experience, or have just obtained your licenced, Career Central is the perfect platform for highly motivated newly licenced Armstrongs drivers or operators to find the right opportunity to take their first step into the industry, or take their transport and logistic career to the next level. Your free Armstrongs Career Central recruiting account has it all

Why Career Central?

The Transport & Logistics Industry has correctly identified Armstrongs as a source of potential candidates to fill their vacant heavy vehicle driver and forklift operator positions in order to address their recruitment shortfalls using traditional methods.

Did you know that approximately 18,000 people per year in Victoria alone obtain their first heavy vehicle licence, or upgrading their existing heavy vehicle licence. That means there is no shortage of licenced drivers being produced, but there is clearly a shortage of well-trained and skilled drivers that industry is willing to hire.

Armstrongs’ Career Central was specifically developed with the recruitment needs of our graduates in mind. Armstrongs is constantly being asked by its graduates "Do you know any companies looking for drivers?” whilst at the same time being asked by all types of transport and logistics companies “Do you have any drivers or forklift operators looking for work?”

Career Central is Armstrongs’ solution to satisfying both these needs.

How Does Career Central Work?

All of Armstrongs current business customers have been invited join career Central. In addition, Armstrongs is always on the lookout for new employment for its graduates and new employment opportunities will be constantly added.

Graduates who take up the offer to join Career Central will be given login details and asked to upload their resumes. Likewise, Armstrongs business clients will be invited to upload a company profile and post job opportunities that they have.

From there, graduates and employers will be able to access Career Central at any time. Graduates will be able to apply for any jobs advertised, and companies will be able to either await applications or directly reach out to graduates who they feel might be suitable.

How Do Armstrongs Graduates Benefit?

Armstrongs is always looking for ways to assist their graduates get their first job in the industry or take the next steps in their transport and logistics career. Career Central has been developed to specifically meet the needs of Armstrongs’ clients. That means a dedicated job seeker platform advertising only heavy vehicle driving and forklift operator positions to graduates looking for those exact types of jobs.

Other benefits include:

  • Exclusive to Armstrongs graduates only. You’ll have access to employment opportunities that other newly licenced drivers and operators will not.
  • Being clear on what employers require from graduates/potential new hires. Employers will detail this in the job posts. Graduates therefore have the choice to either meet the employers training/demonstrable skills requirements to be eligible for the job or not. This also gives graduates more certainty and confidence when considering what type of training course they want to do and how much behind-the-wheel experience they think they need to be eligible for a posted job. Employers know from many years of trying to recruit the right type of person that applicants with years of (bad!) driving experience aren’t always the long term solution to an employer’s recruitment needs. Therefore graduates who have the right amount of training, the right skills, and the right attitude are preferred.
  • Armstrongs will acknowledge and endorse graduates who have elected to undergo longer training courses and have acquired more time-behind-the-wheel experience than other graduates. This means that when employers are searching graduate profiles they will know which candidates have achieved a higher level of skill compared to others – giving those graduates who do this the edge over others.

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