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The current Victorian heavy vehicle licensing regime is not designed, nor capable of, meeting the unique and very specific skills needs required by the transport industry of its existing and new-entrant drivers.

As a result, the comparatively low skills and knowledge standard to obtain a heavy vehicle licence cannot be relied upon by the transport industry to provide it with the skilled new-entrant drivers that it requires to compensate for low driver retention rates and to meet its ongoing recruitment needs.

One of the greatest challenges facing both heavy general freight and public transport organisations alike is how to both substantiate and validate the driving skills and knowledge of their existing drivers and new hires.

Armstrongs' evidence based and proven training methodologies give transport organisations the confidence and peace of mind that driving resources have been assessed and evaluated against criteria which reflects the actual skills standard required in drivers to meet needs of your organisation.

Armstrongs has the proven intellectual property and demonstrated delivery experience to deliver real training outcomes that simply no other heavy vehicle or forklift training provider can match.

Competency versus Capacity

In Victoria, on average, over 15,000 people per year obtain their first heavy vehicle licence or up-grade their licence to a higher category of heavy vehicle licence.

There is clearly not a shortage of actual drivers but of skilled drivers which transport organisations can commercialise on without having to incur costly and lengthy on-boarding/workplace induction using ‘internal’ training resources.

Drivers who have obtained a heavy vehicle licence have demonstrated that they have satisfied the VicRoads licensing threshold to obtain a heavy vehicle licence and have therefore been deemed 'competent'.

The issue for the transport industry is that the current threshold to obtain a heavy vehicle licence does not sufficiently address the higher order driving skills and thinking frameworks to adequately prepare and provide a newly licenced driver with the skills ‘capacity’ which will allow them to successfully negotiate the types of hazard-dense and challenging driving environments that they will be exposed to on a daily basis as a professional driver.

It is the gap between licence competency and actual skills capacity that results in drivers being involved in incidents and accidents that could have been avoided simply be better preparing them for the demands of real world driving by equipping them with the required higher-level driving knowledge and skills.

It is therefore Armstrongs advice to its industry partners that driver resources be evaluated and risk-profiled as to their 'capacity' to operate a heavy vehicle in 'low-risk' manner.

Armstrongs – the heavy vehicle licensing specialists – have the risk profiling frameworks which are proven to delivery real training outcomes.

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Tailored Training Programs

If your organisation is experiencing any of the following then a tailored training program could be right for you:

  • Unacceptable levels of driving incident and accidents?
  • Incident and accident rates climbing?
  • Constant problem of not being able to validate a new driver’s actual driving ability?
  • Don’t know which new/existing drivers need training and which don’t?
  • Do your ‘experienced’ drivers seem to account for most of the incidents and accidents at your organisation?
  • Do you have a compliance need to substantiate the competency and skills capacity of your drivers?
  • Does your organisation need a tailored training solution to support its recruitment needs?
  • No confidence in standard heavy vehicle licensing courses to meet the skills needs of your organisation?
  • Are you wondering how and where to source new drivers?
  • Is your internal on-boarding process costing your organisation thousands of dollars and tying up existing personnel and fleet?
  • Are you ready to consider a new and innovative way to source and on-board new drivers with minimal cost?

Tailored Training Solutions Overview

There are a number of evaluation and training solutions available.

Armstrongs can design and delivery a complete solution which will address driving skills capacity and knowledge gaps at a different touch points in an organisation’s driver recruitment/employment cycle.

Armstrongs training solutions can be implemented as a stand-alone application or used in conjunction with other options to form a more cohesive and comprehensive evaluation and training strategy to support an organisation’s overall recruitment and retention strategy.

An overview of some of the training solutions include:

  • Development of Existing Drivers to Become Internal Training Resources
  • Pre-Offer of Employment/Pre-Commencement of Employment Assessments
  • Post-Incident/Accident Evaluation & Remedial Training
  • Intensive Motor Vehicle-to-Heavy Vehicle Training & Licensing for Recruitment Purposes

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