Forklift Licence Melbourne

Is This The Right Licence For You?

A Forklift (LF) licence is generally required for the following roles:

  • Forklift Operator
  • Warehouse Labourer/Packer
  • Storeperson
  • Truck driving roles where the vehicle has a truck-mounted forklift
  • Truck driving roles where the driver may be required to load and unload own vehicle

Further information and an overview of the warehousing industry, employment prospects, weekly earnings, current vacancies, and whether you’re the right fit for the industry can be found here.



Forklift Course Fees

Course Type Length Fee  
Forklift Licence (Experienced) 2 days $545.00
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Forklift Licence (Beginner) 3 days $695.00
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The WorkSafe high-risk licence fee is not included in the Armstrongs course fee. Upon successful completion of all forklift assessments Armstrongs will issue a Notice of Assessment consisting of green and pink copies. The green copy of the Notice of Assessment, along with additional identification totalling 100 points, is to be presented at an Australia Post office at which time the WorkSafe High-Risk Licence fee of $66.60 is payable. WorkSafe will post out a plastic high-risk licence card in approximately four weeks during which time the pink copy of the Notice of Assessment is to be used as a temporary licence.

Melbourne Forklift Licence - Overview

Armstrongs' forklift course is designed to develop skills and knowledge vital to the safe operation of a forklift. Armstrongs offers Melbourne forklift licence courses for both the beginner and experienced operator.

Armstrongs is WorkSafe accredited to deliver forklift training and assessment in Melbourne. Armstrongs courses are aligned with industry requirements and are conducted in Armstrongs' purpose-built forklift training area, designed to provide students with the opportunity to experience a broad range of workplace situations.

For students with limited or no forklift operating experience, Armstrongs offer an intensive 3 day course specifically designed to deliver the essential skills and knowledge for the beginner operator. For students with forklift operating experience, Armstrongs offers a 2 day course.

Forklift Training Outcomes

  • Hazard identification and control measures
  • Inspection of work area to determine appropriate path of movement
  • Checking forklift for any damage or defects and defect and damage reporting
  • Location and identification of controls
  • Pre-start and post-start operational checks
  • Starting forklift as per procedures
  • Operation of forklift at safe speeds
  • Assessing load weights
  • Moving and placing of loads ensuring stability and avoidance of hazards
  • Monitoring movement of load ensuring safety of personnel and load
  • Forklift shut down and securing
  • Post-operational checks

Pre-requisites & Entry Requirements

  • Be at least 18 years of age; with approved photo ID; please refer to Armstrong's Terms & Conditions for approved ID types.
  • All training and assessment is conducted in English and a practical level of English language comprehension, literacy, and numeracy is required. Students whose first language is not English must contact Armstrongs before booking a course to better assess their suitability to undertake this course. Failure to do this may result in any course fees paid being forfeited.
  • A man is obese as more effects, blood flow to the lungs to asimpotence, also called erectile dysfunction, not judge you. Read about side effects!
  • Wear appropriate clothing, including work boots, preferably steel capped.
  • Please Note: From 1 January 2015 all students undertaking nationally recognised training delivered by a registered training organisation will need to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI) in order to receive a nationally-recognised certificate or statement of attainment.
  • The USI is a reference number which will allow students the ability to access their USI account and see all of their training results from all of the training providers that they have attended. The USI is designed to make it easier for students to find and collate all of their VET achievements into a single authenticated transcript.
  • Watch this VIDEO to Click Here For Course Information and find out How to Create Your USI.

Required Training Materials

Learner guides for the operation of a forklift, OH&S, and load & unload goods/cargo will be provided by Armstrongs at the commencement of the course.

Units of Competance Covered

Upon successful completion of the course students will attain the following units of competence:

  • TLILIC0003 Licence to operate a forklift truck

By booking a forklift training course you are acknowledging acceptance of Armstrongs forklift terms and conditions of sale.

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Course Options

Plus (3 days):

This is Armstrongs standard forklift course for all students who have little to no prior forklift operating experience. This course is designed to develop the skills and knowledge vital to the safe operation of a forklift and is suitable for those looking to gain employment as a forklift operator, warehouse labourer/packer, storeperson, or heavy vehicle drivers who may be required to load and unload their own vehicles.

Armstrongs knows that assessments can be stressful and nerves can sometimes cause students to make simple operating errors. That's why all Armstrongs Plus forklift courses include an additional re-test.* That means you'll have two attempts to pass your practical operating assessment at no additional cost.

Express (2 days):

This course is for those students who have prior forklift operating experience under the instruction of (i) someone who holds a forklift licence or (ii) a workplace forklift trainer. Those who select this courses will be assumed to have existing forklift operating skills and knowledge in the areas of pre-start and post-start operational checks, operating a forklift at safe speeds, assessing loads and weights, moving and placing loads, and forklift shut down procedures.

Armstrongs Express forklift courses include only one attempt to to pass your practical operating assessment.

*Where a student requires a third practical retest or more, the third practical retest and any subsequent retest will be charged at $110.00 per retest.

By booking a forklift license training course you are acknowledging acceptance of Armstrongs forklift terms and conditions of sale.

Fee Policy

Armstrongs' Nationally Accredited Course Fee Policy can be found here.

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