Driver Delivery Program

For Individuals

If you’re interested in becoming a truck driver, but have no heavy vehicle experience, our Driver Delivery Program could be the right avenue to employment for you.

The Driver Delivery Program (DDPⓇ) provides individuals who are new to the industry with all the skills needed to drive a heavy vehicle at low risk. The best part? Successfully completing the DDPⓇ makes you highly employable by transport companies looking to recruit capable and safe drivers.

No previous heavy vehicle driving experience is required, the DDPⓇ is designed specifically for highly motivated first-time drivers who are keen to grow their skills and have a passion for entering into a transport industry career.


  • Involves intensive practical driver training, all the time behind-the-wheel experience they need to be truly 'industry ready', with no time spent in a classroom.
  • Enables participants to gain the skills, knowledge and qualification they need to become highly employable, and get around the 'must have driving experience' rule applied by the transport industry when hiring new-to-industry drivers.
  • Includes HR, HC & MC program entry options.

DDPⓇ New Entry Driver Options

Product Code DDP-NELD
Product Name DDPⓇ for New Entry Level Drivers (no licence)
Vehicles Location Course can be run in the following vehicles from our Thomastown or Truganina Training Centres:
  • Heavy Rigid
  • Heavy Combination
  • Multi Combination
Program Strategy

The DDPⓇ New Entry Level Drivers (DDP NELD) has been designed to help new entry inexperienced drivers, who are typically considered medium to high-risk drivers, to gain the skills and techniques needed to become low-risk, competent, employable drivers.

This allows transport companies to recruit drivers based on their attitude, values, behaviours, and cultural fit for the business.

Program Objectives To train and mentor newly entry or newly licensed HR, HC or MC drivers with minimal or no experience to enable them to operate a heavy combination vehicle in a low-risk manner, therefore increasing their employment opportunities, and ensuring the safety of other road users.
Course Number 1 person
Time Frames

DDP-NELD – HR or HC (Auto) 1 person – 5 days

DDP-NELD - MC (Auto) 1 person – 4 days

Key Content
  • Training and development in the 130 + areas, in both urban and rural environments.
  • eLearning Programs:
    • The Victorian Bus & Truck Drivers' Handbook Revision for Combination Vehicles
    • On-Road Driving Skills for Victorian Heavy & Multi-Combination Licence Applicants
    • Advanced & Low Risk Heavy Vehicle Driving
    • Country & Night Heavy Vehicle Driving
  • Load placement and restraint
  • Vehicle pre/post inspection
  • VicRoads Licensing assessment, if required
  • Vehicle driving basics
  • Vehicle control skills
  • Driving techniques
  • Advanced observation
  • Freeway driving
  • Eco driving
  • Reversing
  • Coupling
  • Low Risk Advanced Driving Frameworks
  • Country driving
  • Metro transport hubs
  • Low Risk Formative Assessment
  • Low Risk Summative Assessment
Delivery Strategy

This program will be delivered using:

ADE Training Model
The ADE Training model was developed to apply all key adult learning and teaching. The use of ‘overlearning’ and the drip-feed approach is used to achieve ‘unconscious competence’ for any given skill or thinking framework.

Assessment Criteria Standards

The assessment criteria have been designed to measure a person’s capacity to drive a heavy vehicle at low risk. It is vital the assessment criteria are detailed and measurable, for the assessment outcome to be valid and reliable.

To drive a heavy vehicle at low risk, a person must have, and must apply all the skills, knowledge, techniques and thinking frameworks of driving a heavy vehicle at low risk, using the principle of ‘controlled driving’ (low-risk focus) as it is less open to interpretation.

Assessment Strategy

VicRoads Assessment

ADE On-Road Low Risk Formative Assessment

ADE On-Road Low Risk Summative Assessment

Terms and Conditions
Program Fee Funding for this program is currently available through the Victorian Transport Association. Click here to apply.

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