Overseas Heavy Vehicle Licence Conversion

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If you are looking at obtaining your Victorian heavy vehicle licence and you are, or were, the holder of an overseas heavy vehicle licence or have overseas heavy vehicle driving experience your licence or driving experience may be recognised by VicRoads.

If your overseas heavy vehicle licence or driving experience is recognised by VicRoads then you may not have to do any testing or waiting periods may not be applicable to you.

Exemption Eligibility

In order for VicRoads to consider your exemption request you must:

  • Hold a current Victorian motor car licence
  • Have a clean driving record
  • Can provide proof of your previous (overseas) driving experience

What You Need To Do

If you have already obtained an exemption from VicRoads then please contact Armstrongs to book in for your heavy vehicle licence course.

If you haven’t obtained an exemption yet, this is what you need to do.

Step 1 - Visit VicRoads

Get VicRoads to confirm whether your overseas licence is from a recognised country.

  • If your overseas licence is from a recognised country you will not be required to undertake any heavy vehicle driving assessments
  • You may be required to make another appointment with VicRoads to change over your overseas motorcycle licence to a Victorian motorcycle licence

Step 2 - Obtain A Determination

If your overseas licence is not from a recognised country you can apply for an exemption to get a Victorian heavy vehicle licence on the basis that you have previous (overseas) heavy vehicle driving experience.

Step 3 - Complete Application

Complete the VicRoads Application for Exemption From Heavy Vehicle Driver Licence Requirements (Recognition of Driving Experience).

Step 4 - Apply For Recognition

Take your completed exemption application form and the following documents to a VicRoads office:

  • Evidence of your identity
  • Evidence of your overseas driving experience
  • A copy of your overseas heavy vehicle licence. If your overseas licence is not in English you will also need to supply an official translation
  • Pay the VicRoads Application Fee

You can also submit your exemption application and supporting documents online via the VicRoads website.

Step 5 - Confirmation of Driving Experience

VicRoads will then notify you of the outcome of your application in writing. If an exemption is granted, normal waiting periods to obtain a Victorian heavy vehicle licence may not be applicable to you and you will be able to book the heavy vehicle course that you are approved for immediately.

Step 6 - Book Your Course

Contact Armstrongs and book in for the heavy vehicle course that you are approved for.

You can find the cost of each course and more information on any of the Armstrongs heavy vehicle course pages:

Pre-Requisites & Entry Requirements

  • Victorian motor car licence
  • A copy of the VicRoads letter approving your exemption
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