Check Ride - Motorcycle Licence Preparation

Step 2 – Complete A Check Ride

As from April 2nd 2016 under the Motorcycle Graduated Licensing Scheme (M-GLS), anyone who has obtained their Learners Permit and wants to obtain their motorcycle licence must also complete a 'Check Ride' prior to undertaking a motorcycle licence course. If you haven't obtained a Learners Permit yet, you'll need to do this first and you can find out more about how to obtain your Learners Permit here.

You must do at least one Check Ride, but if you want additional training, you can do as many Check Rides as you like. Check Rides are a great opportunity to ask our trainers any questions you have about your riding, and share your riding experiences with others

There is no minimum period after you have obtained your learners permit that you have to complete your Check Ride but you will need to successfully complete a Check Ride at least one month before the date of your motorcycle licence assessment.

Check Rides provide a great opportunity for new learners permit holders to obtain additional rider training and riding advice. Check Rides are used to review your riding skills and prepare you for your licence training and assessment. A Check Ride involves an on-road ride and a group debrief with your trainer afterwards. During your Check Ride your trainer will guide discussions which will include on-road tactics and strategies, and safe riding skills and behaviours.

You can find more detailed information about the M-GLS and how Stage 2 will affect new riders here.

By booking a motorcycle training course you are acknowledging acceptance of Armstrongs motorcycle terms and conditions of sale.

What You'll Pay

Course Type Length Weekday Fee Weekend Fee  
Licence Preparation - Check Ride 4.25 hrs $259.00
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*You must allow a minimum of 1 calendar month between your check ride and licence assessment. if your learners permit is expiring in less than 1 month, please contact our office for advice.

*Upon successful completion of a Check Ride Armstrongs will issue you with a Certificate of Completion. You will need to keep this and produce it when you attend your Motorcycle Licence Assessment. If you lose the certificate, and you go to another training provider to be assessed for your licence you will need to ask Armstrongs for a letter providing proof that you completed the Check Ride. A $15.00 discount will apply to those students wishing to use their own motorcycle. Please advise Armstrongs at the time of booking and to confirm that your motorcycle meets minimum performance requirements to satisfy VicRoads on-road assessment criteria.

What You'll Need

  • A current Victorian Motorcycle Learners Permit or VicRoads Learners Permit receipt which you must bring with you on the day of your Check Ride. There is no minimum time that you need to hold your learners permit but you should not have held it for longer than 14 months at the time of your Check Ride as the Check Ride must be completed a month before your Motorcycle Licence Assessment.
  • A current Victorian Drivers Licence card or Car Learner Permit card brought with you on the day of your Check Ride.
  • You MUST wear appropriate clothing including a long sleeve top, long pants, and fully enclosed shoes (either boots or runners) in order to have full skin cover. If you have your own motorcycle protective gear and you wish to use it please bring it with you.
  • Basic knowledge and understanding of the operation of a motorcycle and the ability to perform basic motorcycle riding skills to a minimum standard (if you have not ridden or have very limited riding experience since obtaining your Learners Permit please contact us prior to booking your Check Ride)
  • All training and assessment is conducted in English so a practical level of English language comprehension is required. Student's whose first language is not English must contact Armstrongs before booking a course to better assess their suitability to undertake this course and restrictions around the use of interpreters during training and assessment. Failure to do this may result in any course fees paid being forfeited.

What You'll Learn

During the Check Ride students will cover the following:

  • U-Turns, Curves & Braking
  • Riding Tactics & Strategies
  • A Pre On-Road Briefing
  • On-Road Coaching
  • A Post-Check Ride Debriefing and Group Discussion

What You'll Get

  • All on-range & on-road training and testing
  • Use of one of our motorcycles if required
  • Use of a helmet, gloves, protective jacket, hi-vis vest, and wet weather gear if required
  • Certificate of Completion

By booking a motorcycle training course you are acknowledging acceptance of Armstrongs motorcycle terms and conditions of sale.

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