Multi Combination Course

Is This The Right Licence For You?

A Multi Combination (MC) licence is required for a heavy combination vehicle with more than one trailer.

A Multi Combination (MC) licence is generally required for the following driving roles:

  • Interstate & Intrastate Driving
  • Linehaul / Change Over Driving
  • Road Train / Long Haul Driving
  • B Double Tippers
  • Refrigerated Transport
  • Tanker Driver

Further information and an overview of the road transport industry, employment prospects, weekly earnings, current vacancies, and whether you’re the right fit for the industry can be found here.

You can download a printable version of Armstrongs Multi Combination course details here.

Course Overview

Armstrongs' multi combination course has been custom designed to develop vital driving skills and knowledge necessary to successfully gain your multi combination licence.

The multi combination course is available on a 1:1 basis only.

Students have the choice of undertaking their training in a vehicle with either a Non-Synchromesh or Semi-Automatic gearbox.

Training Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course students will be able to:

  • Correctly start, steer, position, manoeuvre, and stop the vehicle
  • Correctly managing engine power to minimise gear and engine wear
  • Reverse, maintain visibility, and accurately position the vehicle
  • Correctly park, shut down and secure the vehicle
  • Successfully identify and avoid hazards (defensive driving)
  • Safely load the vehicle and use the most appropriate load restraint method
  • Correctly conduct coupling & un-coupling procedures

Pre-requisites & Entry Requirements

  • A current Australian Driver's Licence card; and have held a heavy rigid or heavy combination licence for minimum of 12 months; a secondary form of ID is also required; please refer to Armstrongs' Terms & Conditions for details.
  • You must be competent in the operation of a manual vehicle; and have obtained your licence in a manual vehicle.

Required Training Materials

All required training materials will be provided by Armstrongs upon course payment.

What's Included in Your Course

All courses come with:

  • Unlimited Optional Pre-Drive Theory Sessions Prior To Your Driver Training
    Armstrongs takes the stress out of preparing for, and sitting, your theory test and off-road skills assessment. If you don't feel that you're ready to sit your theory test after your first Pre-Drive Session, simply come to as many Pre-Drive sessions as you like before your driver training commences at no additional cost. You'll also get one free theory retest.

Depending on the course type you choose, you’ll also get:

  • Experienced – One Attempt to Pass Your Driving Assessment & No Additional Driving Re-Tests
  • Express - Two Attempts to Pass Your Driving Assessment
    Assessments can be stressful and nerves can sometimes cause students to make simple driving errors. That's why all Armstrongs Express heavy vehicle courses include an additional re-test.* That means you'll have two attempts to pass your driving assessment at no additional cost!
  • Plus - Three Attempts to Pass Your Driving Assessment
    If you want more, then you'll get more with a Licence Plus course. Apart from more behind-the-wheel training than any other Armstrongs course, you'll get three attempts at passing your driving assessment.

*Where a student requires a third retest or more, the third retest and any subsequent retest will be charged at $250.00 per retest.

By booking a heavy vehicle license training course you are acknowledging acceptance of Armstrongs heavy vehicle terms and conditions of sale.

Course Options

Armstrongs offer a range of weekday and weekend courses. Depending on the amount of behind-the-wheel training you want, students can choose from the following course options.

Course Type Length
Express (1 day)

* A course is considered to be a weekend course if all, or any part thereof, of the course takes place on a Saturday. Where a student's course takes place over successive Saturdays, or a series of Saturdays, students will be charged a weekend course fee amount plus an additional $50.00 for every additional Saturday the student's course is scheduled. Weekend course fees will also be charged if all, or any part thereof, of the course takes place on a Victorian Public Holiday.

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