The Top 7 Test Time Tips for Getting Your Heavy Vehicle Licence

He’s some things to remember about taking your driving test that have caught a lot of our clients off-guard. If you remember these things you’ll be in a much better head space when taking your driving test.


1 – Your trainer will suddenly appear to go all quiet

Given that most trainers are also assessors, they often perform two roles with the same group of clients – that is, they train you and test you. But during test time, your trainer has to conduct himself in a particular way and can and can’t do certain things because during test time you will be driving “under test conditions”. Don’t take this as a sign that your trainer suddenly doesn’t like you, or the trainer assessing you “has got it in for you”. Test conditions are very different from training conditions and if you understand this before you go into the test you’ll understand why the change in your trainer’s demeanour.

2 – There is a camera in the cabin and it’s pointing straight at you

It’s also pointing straight at us too! As per VicRoads guidelines, all heavy vehicle assessments must be recorded. What a lot of clients don’t know is that the camera is primarily there to record what we do, not what you do. The camera is a way of proving that a particular client was tested at a particular time. It also helps keep the industry clean by making sure that all providers are accountable and they can’t just issue licences out of their glovebox (so to speak).

3 – We can’t just test you at any time

All heavy vehicle training organisations must submit to VicRoads in advance the time that each client will undertake their drive test. Once we submit the test times we can’t just change them or swap one client’s test time with another client’s test time. We will do everything we can to help our clients in the event that they need leave early but we are required to adhere to the VicRoads guidelines and this means we have limited options.

4 – How long is the test going to last?

Contrary to popular belief, we don’t just take you on an aimless random drive! Test runs need to be developed and approved by VicRoads before they can used for the purposes of driving tests. They must also adhere to a check list of skills. So you are not going to find yourself in top gear cruising along in a straight line! Your test will be challenging and you will be required to call on all your training. In addition, all test runs must be at least forty-five minutes long, so you need to mentally prepare yourself for an extended period of concentration.

5 – What’s the pass rate?

The Armstrongs method of training means that we have an extremely high pass rate. On average 95%+ of our heavy vehicle clients pass their drive test.

6 – What if I don’t pass?

Great question! This is what makes Armstrongs different from any other heavy vehicle training provider. We are so confident that our clients will pass their drive test that those who don’t will be given an additional two hours of training and a re-test at no additional cost! That’s a about $500 worth of value! We call this the Armstrongs Training Guarantee. When you are shopping around (which you should do) ask our competitors whether they will give you two extra hours and retest for free if you fail your drive test. I don’t think you’ll be surprised to find out that they won’t!

7 – What’s the best way to prepare for the dive test?

Take your training with Armstrongs of course! Keep your ears open because our trainers are full of tips and hints to make your training experience as easy as it can be.

If you keep these things in mind you’ll be mentally prepared for your test. You should also feel comforted that you have the Armstrongs Training Guarantee up your sleeve should things not go to plan the first time.

You’ve got nothing to lose, give us a call today to book your heavy vehicle licence course with Armstrongs.